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All in one leading case in the history of India that shook entire nation in early 1960s.(KM Nanavati vs State of Maharashtra, AIR 605 1962)Kawas Maneshaw Nanavati (1925 – 2003), a Naval commander tried for case of Murder of Prem  his wife’s lover.As you know what was story behind this case i.e, alleged affair of wife of Nanavati.As so many of us watched the Akshay Kumar starer Hit Movie ” Rustom” in theatre.

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I’m writting this blog what actually happened after he acquitted from charges of murder as we saw in movie. He received Immense public support and covered by weekly tabloid Magazine Blitz(Parsi owned). Although basic purpose of movie is commercial business, and they brilliant earn money from this movie. We have seen one half movie actually. So, let us discuss what happened after acquittal? Overview of case as follows: 
 He was put up in under sections 290 And 304 (1) Of Indian penal code For allegedly murder of wife’s paramour. High court dismissed Earlier acquittal By The juries Trial and convicted him To imprisonment for life Under section 302 of IPC.
After that he was given pardoned by Vijayalakshmi Pandit newly appointed Governor of State of Maharashtra sister of then Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

This case Received immense support, and media coverage And inspired several books, and Film. 
 • Achanak, 1973
 • Rustom , 2016
 • Web series The Verdict

I would like to suggest one must watch web series The Verdict instead of Rustom Movie so, you have more clear image. As per web, he neither argued himself like in Movie. After being pardoned by governor of Maharashtra he was shifted to Canada with his family, and never came to India back.Recently, he died Natural death in July 2003.
Impact on Judiciary of India.
After this case Jury system in India was we saw there are many factors that may lead to affect the case like Emotional attachments, Media coverage, patriotic feeling,one community support.

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