Sarfoora Zargar : A Pregnant women in Jail accused of Peaceful protest.

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People still struggling to reach their homes in mid Covid 19 pandemic and on other side there is struggle of girl named Sarfoora Zargar accused of protests against CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) that was introduced by (BJP Ruled) Government of India.A short information about Sarfoora Zargar (born 1993) Indian student activist from Kishtwar Jammu and Kashmir.she is an M Phil student of Jamia Millia Islamia and media coordinator of College.

Controversy : She was three months pregnant at time of arrest.the most viral allegations which targeted that she was pregnant by Hindus at Shaheen Bagh.

Current Status :Sarfoora Zargar is still currently in jail waiting for trial accused of being part Of Conspiracy to cause riot and Making inflammatory speech on 23 February 2020.

Denial of Bail and ControversiesThe order passed by Delhi Patiala house court on comments that “when You choose to play With ember  you cannot blame The wind to have carried The spark bit Too far And spread the fire”. Court used this metaphor reference in Denying bail.She is also slapped with UAP Act (unlawful Activity Prevention Act) which is base of Denial of Bail in which stood as prima facie.In twitter I saw various people supported Denial of Bail while on other hand also others who dissatisfied with Denial.We know that Judiciary being separate essential pillar of Constitution work on their own but on same time it also worked in under pressure and  under influence of politicians.Sole criteria for above case controversy is being pregnant.Some questions are raised by people that • How and why court reject bail of an under trial pregnant girl who was just accused of peaceful protest ?• Bomb blast accused got bail and get selected for MP seat ? Is it Fair?• People trend for Elephant sympathy and why Not for pregnant Women ?• What’s wrong with Denial isn’t true that Rajiv Gandhi’s assassinator Nailini Sriharan was also two months pregnant when she was arrested and deliver baby in Jail? •Being from Muslim community that’s why denied bail?
That question needed to be answered.

Conclusion: From all this I came to conclusion that all perspectives may be possible about case that may be she is actual culprit but on same side Judiciary says every decision shall consider with due deligence reason and care.we must also not overlook her pregnancy as well and be give her necessary medical aids in jail all facilities with due care.Also my other reason behind by blog is to let you know that Celebrities are showing solidarity with US George Floyd #Alllivesmatter racism movement and in same way they don’t raise their voice when same thing happened in their country religion racism.Dont know what stopped them to raise? My next blog is about celebrities who came to support only when there’s something trending in media.What is wrong with them?. Keep connected till then.

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