Hi Everyone! Today I writing about very famous and unsolved double murder mystery case.It starts from Noida family  where 13 year old girl named Arushi Talwar and Hemraj Banjade domestic worker employed by family killed in night of 15 – 16 May 2008 in Arushi’s house in Noida. Case received heavy media coverage includes sensational alleged of Rajesh Talwar father of Arushi Talwar. However it was also criticised by media.

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Aarushi-Hemraj murder case
Date15–16 May 2008
Between 00:00 and 06:00
Attack typeMurders
VictimsAarushi Talwar
Hemraj Banjade

Source : WikipediaI’m not going in detail of this case.My object is just to let you know that case is still unsolved by CBI.Case was handed over to CBI in 2009 in which they recommend closing of case due to lack of evidence and based upon circumstances blamed Rajesh Talwar for murder but unable to charge him evidence are not enough. Parents filed protest petition i.e, protest against closure report with magistrate. Then Special CBI formed start investigation against Talwars. On 2013 Parents were convicted And sentenced to imprisonment for life.many noted people argued that sentence was improper and based on weak evidence. Talwars appealed to Allahabad High court challenge the decision of trial court.

Source: InternetOn 12 October 2017 both were acquitted by High court.it was held by the court that evidence were not enough and unsatisfactory.they criticised no proper investigation is done by CBI, Police and Media. on March 2018 The CBI challenge the High court decision in supreme court Against acquittals.Hence case remain unsolved till date. As lot of media coverage was done it inspires various books novel films web series are as follows : 

1. Mystery behind Arushi’s murder : A tale of unfortunate mother  : By her mother while she’s was in jail but 17 pages written by her were seized by police and told her that she need permission to write a book.   

2. Justiceforarushitalwar.com : a Facebook page campaign started by Rajesh Talwar’s sister.

3. RAHASYA (mystery) : a film inspired by twin murder.   

4.Talwar : Blockbuster Bollywood film  written by Vishal Bhardwaj5.The Talwars Behind Closed Doors : a documentary film by HBO Asia.List is long I’m providing you two link where you can access further information

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