Telegana Police Encounter Killing in Hyderabad

With reference to last year Telangana Police Encounter Killing in Hyderabad most famed case which are welcomed by several celebrities, political people & netizens. In this blog, I will let you know what are the guidelines for police whenever they encounter someone. India where one sides we treat women as God and on same side we treat women like object. Crime against women in India and world may never get end Instead it still keeps rising at a very large number. My object to refer crime against women is reason behind Telangana Police Encounter Killing. It was reported by media that four people are accused of raping and brutal murder.

Some noted legal person also questioned killing of accused as inappropriate. Number of debate shows are aired in Media.
Do we need A Retributive Punishment in a modern democratic India? Retributive Punishment is when offender breaks law Justice is he should be treated same. Like, “Tooth for tooth and eye for eye.” Extrajudicial killing refers to encounter Killing.
National Human Right Commission and Supreme court laid down the guidelines to a prevent abuse of power by law enforcement department. 
In the PUCL Vs State of Maharashtra Case (2014), SC deals with a lot of writ petitions Regard killing of 99 encounter Killing by Mumbai police In around 135 Alleged criminal shot dead during 1995 and 1997.
Some few guidelines laid down by Supreme court that shall be followed.
      • Record of Tip — whenever police receives tip regarding Criminal must be recorded in electronics Or either in writing form.
      • FIR registration — whenever there is encounter there is also killing of leads to registration of FIR And shall forward to court without any delay.
     • Independent Investigation — there shall be independent investigation by CID or by other police station under supervision of senior police officers. All evidence shall be secured by them.
    • Magistrate Probe — Mandatory inquiry by magistrate in all encounter cases and shall be forwarded to judicial magistrate.
    • Information to NHRC — National Human Right Commission must be informed immediately after such as encounter Killing.
    • Medical aids — all the necessary medical aids shall be provided to victims/criminal And medical officer shall record certificate of fitness.
   • inform to kin — Family member of person killed in encounter shall be informed earliest.
   • Compensation — The compensation scheme described under 357 (A) of code of Criminal procedure (CrPC) Must be applied to dependent of victims.
There are also guidelines available from NHRC (National Human Right Commission).
Conclusion: From my point of view such encounter are necessary but in same way not necessary. What I think is every story has many perspective has to understand that what were Media always show are not true.we have to apply our mind.what is reason behind? Why is it done so? What if they are innocent? There is always a pressure in every Job.India is still not in state where they can blindly reliable on reports of police.If you like this blog is knowledgeable please don’t forget to share with your family, friends anyone. 😊

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