The Great Debate: Western Clothes vs. Ethnic Clothes – What’s the Perfect Blend?

Prepare yourselves for the ultimate battle of the styles! The age-old question remains: do ethnic and Western wear complement each other or do they oppose each other’s existence? As fashion addicts, we all know the situation when one hesitates between the elegant and stylish clothes of the Western world and the colorful and spiritual ethnic wardrobe. 

Let me state at the outset, we will briefly look at the advantages and the disadvantages of both, and then consider the possibilities when the two are combined. Hold on to your seats, everybody; it is time for styling!

Western clothes: The Classic Choice

Western clothes are recognized as being plain and stylish. A crisp white shirt, worn over a pair of old denim jeans and a well-fitted black blazer – a classic Western style. However, could it seem too boring for some? Actually, the Western type of dressing is commonly considered so monotonous, boring, or uninspiring that it seems to lack character. Still, people should realize that it is possible to look as fashionable and inventive wearing plain clothes as wearing exclusive pieces of clothing. Imagine, who wants complex stripes when there is such an ideal cut of a suit?

Outfits of Ethnic Origin: The Cultural Revolution

Ethnic wear, on the other hand, is a cultural blast of so many colors, prints, and textures. Starting from the bright colors of the Indian sarees to the striking patterns of the African dashikis, ethnic wear is loud. Oh, and what a statement it makes indeed! Ethnic clothes are not merely put on like any other garments; instead, they are an orientation towards one’s origin. Yet, is it noisy, potently loud, unsubtly loud, overtly loud, or obnoxiously loud? Too over-the-top?

The Perfect Blend!

Thus, in what manner is one style preferable to the other? Can the readers find some middle ground between the two? Absolutely! The main idea is to follow the aspects of both formal and casual styles and make up a style that is distinct from others. Why not wear a pair of trousers in western-cut blazers and complement them with ethnic prints on a scarf or a marvelous piece of jewelry? Why not add some eye-popping colors to your Western outfit with a belt, handbag, or shoes?

Wrap it up!

The arguments on whether it is advisable to wear Western clothes or ethnic clothes are perhaps everlasting. Both of these styles have their own kind of beauty and appeal; they do not have to be used in the same building. Still, this is also a characteristic of the best of both worlds, which gives us a chance to look individual, genuine, and, of course, elegant. Well, that just keeps going to show that you are either part of the problem or part of the solution. What Defines a Team: Team Western or Team Ethnic? Or are you ready to become a part of the #BlendRevolution and make your own fashion?

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