Youngest Serial Killer in the World from India

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A global record for having the youngest serial killer was set in India in 2007. It was never a performance to be pleased with. In contrast to other serial killers, Amarjeet Sada was only seven years old when he committed three horrendous murders, unlike previous serial killers.

The mysterious, shadowy man known only as Amarjeet Sada arose from the sleepy Indian town of Mushahar. His arrival introduced another level of intricacy to his parents’ already difficult path, as simplicity and effort danced hand in side. As fate would have it, a newborn girl entered their modest home at the tender age of seven, bringing with her a bundle of joy and straining their few finances. This child’s story will undoubtedly be forgotten..

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Amarjeet Sada was imprisoned at a children’s home until he turned 18 after being charged with murder. An 8-year-old’s acts of brutality stunned the nation and made international headlines. When psychiatric professionals examined Amarjeet, they discovered that he had a behavioral condition. They came to the conclusion that he found pleasure in hurting other people because of a serious chemical imbalance in his brain. He lacked a moral compass as well. Since babies are smaller than adults, the police reasoned that he should target them because they could not, of course, defend themselves.

According to some accounts, the 26-year-old has now adopted Samarjit as his new name. As you read this, he’s probably wandering the streets of India.

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